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Here are the checks performed by Healthbase Australia's HL7 v2 validator v1.21 against the AS4700.2(2007) Australian Standard for Diagnostic Test messages:-
  1. HL7 tests:-
    1. End of line character must be single <CR>.
    2. First segment must be <MSH>, ( or <FHS>, <BHS> for batch messages ).[ not yet implemented ]
    3. Detailed parsing of following segments:
      • MSH
      • MSA
      • PID
      • PV1
      • PV2
      • ORC
      • OBR
      • OBX
    4. Length checks on all fields of chosen segments.
    5. Names of all fields in all segments displayed.
    6. Datatypes of all fields in all segments displayed.
    7. Check that required fields have been supplied
    8. Parsing and display of TS and TQ data.
    9. Parsing of OBX.5 FT formatted fields:
      • expansion of HL7 FT escape characters.
      • parsing of PIT [ not yet implemented ]
      • parsing and display of HTML.
      • parsing and display of HTML, including JPG images in referenced OBX segments [proposed Standard enhancement]
    10. Parsing of OBX.5 ED fields:
      • parsing and display of RTF
      • parsing and display of JPG images
    11. Parsing and display of composite datatypes - CE, CX, ED, PL, RP, TS, TQ, VID, XCN, XPN.

  2. Vocabulary tests:-
    1. Vocabulary checks against table lookup from HL7 tables.
    2. LOINC table lookups for CE datatypes, where 3rd component is 'LN'.
    3. SNOMED database lookups for CE datatypes, where 3rd component is 'SNOMED-CT'.

  3. AS4700.2 tests:-
    1. Valid message types - ACK,OML_O21,ORL_O22,OUL_R21,ORM_O01,ORR_O02,ORU_O01, [ not yet implemented ].
    2. Segment order, optionality and repeatability must match standard. [ not yet implemented ].
    3. Parsing and display of in-message-referenced images using the <img src="hl7v2://OBX.<setID>" syntax recommended by Dr Andrew McIntyre.
    4. Vocabulary checks against table lookup from local and user defined HL7 tables:
      • HL70001
      • HL70002
      • UT0004
      • UT0007
      • UT0008
      • UT0065
      • UT0074
      • HL70076
      • UT0078
      • UT0085
      • HL70103
      • HL70119
      • HL70123
      • HL70125
      • HL70136
      • HL70191
      • HL70291
      • HL70354
      • UT0363
      • UT0430
      • UT0465

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